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Cheap LED Mobile Light Tower – Portable Field Lighting for Sale

Mobile light tower is the useful equipment to illuminate large areas without light poles. If you happen to take a look at the online catalogs, you would probably find that most light towers with generator have the scary price of $5000 or above, that would probably exceed your project budget.

If you want to save money and buy the cheap mobile light tower, you are getting to a right place because we are offering low-priced portable field lighting solution under $1000 for different venues such as football field, parking lot, mining site, construction work, and more. Let’s explore why our portable outdoor lighting tower is so affordable.

1. Cheap Mobile light Tower Overview & Specification

Model number: LS-MOBI-100/1500
LED Power: 100 to 1500W (Max. 10000W)
LED Lumen: 13000 to 195000lm (Max. 1.3 x 106lm)
Beam angle: 24°, 36°, 60° or 90°
Color rendering index: 75 to 95 (optional)
Color temperature: 2700 to 3500K, 5000 to 6500K, 6500 to 7500K
Mobile tower height: Maximum 4 meters
Case: Professional aviation transport case or wooden case
Cheapest mobile light tower for sale: Please feel free to contact us to get the lowest price and discount

When it comes to portable field lighting, many users or contractors may overlook the light source. If we select the wrong light, we will need to spend much money on the replacement and maintenance of the lights. As an experienced lighting company, we offer the mobile tower with advanced lighting system. The bright, energy-saving and durable LED flood light is the best companion of the portable field lights.

a. Brightest LED lighting on mobile tower (100W to 10000W)


There are wide power options for the LED floodlights on the portable light tower. Aside from the 100 to 1500 watts luminaires, we can customize the brightest mobile light tower having the power of 10000 watts that gives over 1.3 million lumens!

Our light towers are bright enough to lit up the standard football field, spacious parking lot, mining site, seaport and other larger areas requiring temporary light tower.

b. Adjustable tilting angle


Our portable light tower is equipped with rotatable bracket, so we can adjust the tilting angles of the LED flood lights. The advantage is that a single mobile light tower can suit different types of venues. If you need the expert advice on how to achieve the best lighting outcome, please feel free to contact us.

c. Customized color temperature & beam angle


Unlike other light tower companies, LightTowerPro offers professional, customized luminaires for the portable tower. Depending on the lighting requirement of the field, we can customize the light color temperature of each mobile tower. For instance, we can have soft white, cool white or natural daylight.

In addition, we can also select from a wide range of beam angles, says 24°, 36°, 60° or 90°. If you intend to light up a large or lengthy area, we will need to use the smaller beam angle; on the contrary, for proximal illumination, we can have larger beam angle. If you have no ideas yet, please do not hesitate to talk to our sales representatives for more info, free lighting advice as well as the discount price of the mobile light tower.

d. Affordable mobile light tower (LED lights)


Many electrical contractors or users may be scared of the price of the movable light tower because they can cost you over $5000 or even $10000, that would be easily out of budget. Nevertheless, LightTowerPro offers the cheap mobile light tower for sale. You will be impressed by the breathtaking price of our products.

2. Affordable Portable Mobile Light Tower for Football Field

mobile-light-tower-for-football-fieldWhy do we need movable light tower in the football field? If the football pitch is not designed for night play, or it is seldom used, the designer will not include the light poles to save money. However, if we want to optimize the use of the sports field at night, it is better to use the temporary lighting solution – the mobile light tower, which is cheaper to light up the football field as we don’t need to build a new, costly light pole. As the light tower can move, we can apply it in different areas without getting too many towers.

a. Customized affordable customized temporary lighting for football field

Depending on the brightness lux requirement, uniformity and size of the football field, our engineers can select the best cheap portable light tower, so we can save the cost. Free DIALux lighting solution is provided on request. It is basically a report simulating the lighting outcome such as brightness and light uniformity. The results are displayed as the false color rending or the isoline graph, so we can have a quick idea on overall brightness of the football field.


b. Lower running cost & maintenance cost

Aside from the initial cost, we also need to think of the running cost. We adopt LED in the mobile light tower because LED is a more durable and energy-saving light source. Since our LED football field flood light has over 80000 hours life span, they can last for around 43.8 years (5 hours per day). Thus, we can greatly reduce the maintenance cost as we don’t need to buy the new lights for the next 40 years.

Moreover, LED light mobile tower has the cheaper running cost when compared to metal halide or halogen of HPS. This is because LED has the significantly higher luminous efficacy of 130 to 170 lumens per watt, so LED emits brighter lights under the same power consumption of those conventional light source. Therefore, LED is the best cheap option for the temporary lighting solution.

c. Football field mobile light tower constituents

Th whole tower consists of the high-power LED flood light, adjustable pole and movable stand. After temporarily place the light tower cart at the corners of football field, they can act like the standard light pole.

The height of the light pole is adjustable. The maximum pole height is approx. 4 meters, which is suitable for the standard football field.

3. Parking Lot Temporary Light Tower for Low Budget User

parking-lot-mobile-portable-light-towerThe mobile tower light would become very useful if the parking lot is under maintenance, or we need to instant temporary lighting for the parking space.

a. Adjustable tilting angle for temporary parking lot lights

Aside from the cheap price, the advantage of our temporary light tower is that the tilting angle of each individual flood light can be adjusted, so we can illuminate both close and long range. For instance, we can tilt the light to 90°, so the flood light can face downward to light up the area just below the light tower. On the contrary, we can tilt the flood lights to around 30° to 45°.

b. Customized LED light power and beam angle

Our affordable lighting solution of mobile tower includes the advanced lighting design, we will make use of the flood lights having different power and beam angles according to the dimension of the parking lot. So, you can always get the best lighting results in a low price.

4. Cheaper Mining Site Temporary Mobile Tower Lighting

Another common application of the mobile light tower is mining lighting. Sometimes it may not be so practical to install the permanent light pole in the mining site. Therefore, we will adopt the temporary and portable lighting to provide continuous and bright illumination for coal, gold or diamond mine worker.

a. Bright portable light tower for mining workers and equipment

LED is a reliable light source for mining mobile light tower because it has a relatively long life span and consistent brightness, which is essential for the night navigation of blasthole drills, graders and other industrial mining equipment. If the work site is well-lit, the chance of accident can be greatly reduced.

b. Durable LED lights

the Our LED lights have approx. 80000 hours life span and designed for prolonged use. We don’t need to worry about the luminaires would overheat because LED doesn’t produce much heat thanks to the high energy efficiency.

c. Explosion-proof mobile light tower

Another advantage of our portable LED mobile light tower is that our floodlights are explosion-proof, which means it won’t cause explosion even if the mining site has the flammable or explosion coal granules and powders. Contact our sales representative for more information.

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