How Many Outdoor Christmas Lights Do I Need?

There are 100 mini lights or 50 traditional C7 lights per tree. Half of that amount should be used for trees that are thinner. For a 9-foot tree, you will need 450 C7 lights and 300 mini lights. 100 mini lights or 50 C7 lights should be used for live trees and shrubs.

How many feet of Christmas lights do I need for my house?

Measure and calculate the amount of linear footage you need along your roofline and gutter. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time measuring, start with 200 feet of lights and add on if you need to.

How far apart are outdoor Christmas lights?

You can see the distance between individual lights on the map. You can determine the spacing between lights by taking a tape measure and buying sets that are less than 12 inches between bulbs. When the lights are between 6 and 10 inches apart, the larger bulbs look best.

How many packs of Christmas lights do I need?

Lowe’s says a good rule of thumb is 100 lights for every foot and a half of the tree. Better Homes & Gardens says to use three 100 light sets for every foot of a tree. Real Simple has a suggestion of 100 lights for every foot.

How many feet of string lights do I need?

Measure out the design on the ground after you’ve identified the best approach for your space. Adding two to six feet for each run will give it a natural look.

How many lights do I need?

The footcandle requirement is used to calculate the square footage of a room. A 100 square foot living room requires 20 footcandles and needs 2,000 lm. 4,000 lm 2 is needed for a 100 square foot dining room.

What Christmas lights for outside?

The most classic Christmas lights, C7 and C9 bulbs, are popular along roof lines due to their larger size and greater overall presence than other light types when viewed from a distance.

How do you protect outdoor Christmas lights from rain?

Christmas lights can be plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Wrap Teflon tape tightly around the plugs to prevent water from entering and create a water-tight seal.

How many strings of lights do I need for a 6 foot tree?

The minimum number of lights for a tree is 600, but you can go up to 1200 if you want the lighting or ornaments to be the star.

How many lights do you need for a 7ft Christmas tree?

You should use approx 30 lights per foot for your Christmas tree. A 4ft. is what it would be for example. There should be 120 Christmas tree lights.

How many feet of lights do I need for a 7 foot tree?

I don’t know how much I need. The rule is to have 100 lights for every 1.5 feet of tree. If you like lights, you might want to double or triple that amount.

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