How To Store Outdoor Xmas Lights?

She says that the method she’s used for years is simply wrapping the lights around a piece of cardboard. I put the pieces of cardboard in a tote.

What is the easiest way to store Christmas lights?

Take a length of plastic sheet that is equal to the strand lights and cut it into smaller pieces. Roll the plastic sheet and strand lights together by placing the strand on top of it. This will keep the icicle strands out of each other and make it easier to bundle them together.

What should you not do to hang Christmas lights?

Hang lights with no nails, screws or tacks. You can use extension cords that are rated for the environment where you hang them. You don’t want to overload the electrical sockets. Extension cords shouldn’t be put in places where people can walk on them.

Should you tape outdoor Christmas lights?

All lights should be wrapped with electrical tape to keep out the rain. Running cords from inside the house to the outside through a window or a mail slot is a fire hazard and should always be plugged into a covered outlet.

Do you wrap Christmas lights from the top or bottom?

At the bottom of the tree is where the trunk is located. The leader cord should be separated from the slack cord in the first strand of lights. Wrap the cord around the green a few times as you slip the loop over one of the branches.

Can you leave outdoor Christmas lights up all year?

If you want to, you can leave your lights on your trees year-round, but we recommend removing them around the beginning of Spring. It’s important to know how to keep the lights on the trees safe, even if you decide to keep them up for four months or 12.

Can patio string lights be left out in winter?

If you buy outdoor string lights with an appropriate rating, they will be durable and can be left out all year. If there is bad weather, make sure your bulbs don’t get trapped in water.

Do outdoor Christmas lights need to be covered?

There are controllers and power supplies that are needed for outdoor lighting. They need to be kept safe and dry. A waterproof box can be used to make sure the power supplies are protected.

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