LT-200M Series


Generator Power:20,000W
LED Power:10,000W
Pole height:20m


Generator Power:50,000W
LED Power:20,000W
Pole height:20m

The Light Tower Pro LP-120M series lighting system provides operators with a safe and effective way to rapidly deploy 10,000 watts of intense lighting at heights up to 66 feet.

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Light Source

– Solid-state: LED
– Lumen: 20,00k/10,00k
– Power: 20k/10k
– CCT: 1500k- 15,000K
– Beem angle: 10/15/25/40/60/90/120


– Diesel/ Gas fueled Optional
– Power.6K10k/20k
– 1.0 L displacement
– Liquid cooling
– Noise level


– Well-sealed safety switch and control panel
– 4 position switch, on/off, move one button operation
– Low voltage and high temperature overload protection


– 50/60 Hz generator
–  5/6/10 Kw output
– 120/240 vac
– ± 5% adjustable capacitor voltage


– Maximum wind speed: 70 mph (110 km/h)
– Maximum air temperature – 60°F (°C):
– Lights only: 55
– 100% load. 45


– Installed with current overload protection switch
– Well-sealed, self-contained overload protection circuit
– Special receptacle with overload protector included
– Wiring and protector parameters comply with safety regulations


– Round mast for ease of use and storage
–  Upto 6-sections mast for flexible height adjustment
Operation is quick and easy
– Light Tower Pro LED light for optimal uniformity
Aluminum mast with black coating on the outside for long life

High Performance & Low Cost of Ownership

Light Tower Pro’s new LP series light towers provide powerful, even illumination, simplified control, and low maintenance to maximize the return on investment (ROI). The twin-cylinder engine enables lower acquisition costs, longer run times up to 170 hours, and lower running costs.

Flex Control Systerm

One-touch operation mode, this feature allows operators to switch from in different circuits as needed at fast speeds, greatly reducing runtime losses, reducing noise and increasing uptime.

Reliable LED

All Light Tower Pro LED Towers feature rugged LED lights built to last the life of your tower – 12 year life expectancy backed by a 5 year warranty

Why LED ?

Bright & Consistent

LEDS degrade very minimally over time, unlike metal halide bulbs which lose 50% of their light output within the first 10,000 hours.

Flexible &

No waiting, save time and enhance safety.


LEDs consume less power, resulting in longer run times and significant fuel savings.

Durable &

Durable Solid-State LED Fixtures Won’t break and don’t require bulb changes, increasing usability and uptime.

Mobile Light Tower Components

1. Lighting components

The number of LEDs is adjusted by the required lighting brightness, and Light Tower Pro will make a design solution to meet your needs.

2. Mast

Light Tower Pro offers upto 6-stage mast for flexible height adjustment, plus a black protective coating on all masts to extend the life of the light tower by 10%.

3. Manual / pneumatic rocker

Light Tower Pro installed in the rocker safety protection device to avoid the sudden loss of control of the light tower in the lifting process to cause danger, the manual version of the special hinge more labor-saving.

4. Support components

This part provides stability and mobility to the light tower, has an important role in protecting the engine and balancing the weight, and has the same special black protective coating as the mast part.

Lamp holder assembly

5. Lamp holder

The light stand part needs to be strong and light weight, Light Tower Pro series light towers use reinforcement aluminium material that reduces the weight by 50% with the same level of robustness.

6. LED fixer

7. LED wire splitting

8. Five-segment interface

Support Components​

9. Engine cover

10. Wheels

Light Tower Pro has upgraded wheel configurations for more types of venues and more reliable stability.

11. Directional traction

12. Support bracket

Lighting components

13. Light Tower Pro LEDs

Light Tower Pro has upgraded wheel configThe LED lights from Light Tower Pro LED specialize in maintaining the life of the tower – a 12-year life expectancy with a 10-year warranty.urations for more types of venues and more reliable stability.

14. Light Tower Pro Super Clear Lampshade

15. Patented alloy lightweight lamp

Powerful & easy to use

  • 200,000 total lumens
  • Coverage: 25,000 square feet (1,800 square meters)
  • Quick installation
  • Winch safety protection compliant, electric winch option
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls
  • 900-hour oil service interval.
  • Pneumatic hitch allows for easy towing and transport

Durable & versatile

  • Durable LED lights have a 10-year life expectancy with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Patented LED design dazzle controllable
  • Oyster housing design is sturdy and easy to clean
  • Each LED fixture can be turned on and off independently
    359-degree rotating mast provides full illumination in the field

Safe & Efficient

  • Reliable engine provides good fuel efficiency
  • Efficient LED module reduces energy consumption
  • LEDs turn on and go, no waiting
  • Ground adjustable for simple and safe lighting
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