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Why do you Need a Portable Sports Lighting System

Sports fields are increasingly relying on the use of portable lighting for their lighting needs. Portable lighting is able to work like or mimic the working of the natural sunlight. Through its application, it has become very hard to distinguish whether it is day or night in sports fields. A proper mobile sports lighting system is important for the purpose of safeguarding the safety of fans, players, and coaches and ensuring the best possible sports experience.

Various sport fields, whether they are for playing football, rugby, tennis, golf, volleyball, or badminton, are employing the use of portable field lighting instead of permanent lighting because of its various associated advantages. A mobile high-mast light tower is comprised of self-contained lighting units. LED lighting is more advantageous when used for specific events and games lasting a few hours. The mobile unit provides a short-term lighting solution, especially when teams have to play at night due to the increasingly packed sports schedules. Consequently, here are some of the other reasons why you may need a portable lighting system for a sports field.


1. Highly Flexible

A mobile lighting system can be moved from one place to another or from one point to another in an easier and simpler manner. That is made possible since the lighting system weighs only a few pounds. It can be carried either by a single person or a few people. If you do not feel like personally carrying your lighting system, you may decide to even use a forklift or fit it inside the back of your pickup truck. You can always change the positioning of a temporary lighting system as long as the situation requires.


2. Reduced Energy Usage

Thanks to the incorporation of new technology, the mobile field lighting tower available are increasingly promoting the use of innovative energy-saving sports field lights. For example, the energy savings of a temporary LED lighting system can reach up to 75%. Unprecedented energy efficiency also translates into the system being able to last longer and therefore greatly reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacement.


3. Affordable

There is a wide range of portable lighting tower solutions for sports fields for you to choose from. The lighting solutions tend to be different in terms of their abilities and pricing but generally, they are much more affordable. Apart from being affordable, a movable lighting system is also easy to set up and tear it down.


4. Efficient Design

A good number of lighting solutions have implemented the use of efficient design not only for guaranteeing efficient energy consumption but also for resisting various weather conditions such as freezing temperature and strong wind and rain.


5. High Light Capacity

There are portable solutions that are now offering high light capacity using the same energy amount as the traditional permanent sports field lighting options. The increased light capacity of a tower is important for the purpose of eliminating the so-called dark spots. Permanent lighting fixtures may create a particular area or position where nothing is able to be seen and this area often leads to accidents.

The technological advancements have made most of the existing solutions to provide a level of illumination that is greater and thus avoids the creation of dark spots. Consistent light level throughout the sports field guarantees clear visibility of lines, players, and balls.

Before you choose a portable lighting system, it is important that you consider different factors. The critical parameters to be considered may include the size of the sports field, game type to be played, maintenance, visual comfort of players and viewers, safety and security, and the quality of light. For example, in terms of safety and security, it is vital that adequate lighting is provided in a sports field. Adequate lighting enables players, refs, and the audience to see well. When players see well, they are able to make fewer mistakes. Moreover, a well-lit sports facility also discourages theft and other security issues.

The lighting used must offer clear visibility to the players, teams, and spectators. They must be properly bright and have a far reach. In addition, the sports lighting tower that you use must also require low repair and maintenance. Usually, repair and maintenance of lighting fixtures require both time and money investment. Choose a portable sports lighting system that lasts longer and thus resulting in lower repair and maintenance effort and costs.


What is LED Portable Field Lighting

An LED light tower can be described as a floodlight tower designed to illuminate large spaces. In this case, the bulbs in the floodlight emit LED light, which is bright, focused, and covers a large area depending on the height of the tower. The towers can be permanently fixed to a certain spot, or mobile. Light towers are powered in different ways, some of which are covered below:


1. The LED Tower Lights

A floodlight is an illuminating fixture that is found at the top of a mobile light tower. Floodlights are usually composed of several large light bulbs that emit intense light beams outwards. The type of light technology used in the bulbs is different for every floodlight, and popular ones include LED lighting, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL), and halogen lighting. The most preferred lights today are LED ones because of several reasons.

LED technology is more efficient at converting electricity into light energy, meaning that most of it is emitted as light instead of heat. LED bulbs also consume fewer watts of energy as compared to bulbs that use halogen lighting or CFL. This way, consumers get to save on electricity bills or use the energy for something else. On a larger scale, this also means sustainable use of natural resources. LED light is also bright and focused, although the bulbs can be designed to emit light over large spaces. They have a longer lifespan than other kinds of bulbs so they do not need to be replaced that often. This makes it a great floodlight option.

Most importantly, LED bulbs do not need some time to warm up before lighting. The opposite is true for CFL bulbs, which take a few seconds before the light comes on. On a portable light tower, an LED light would be better because it comes on immediately, meaning that activities do not get held up or delayed and light appears as soon as it is needed. All these perks have made LED the most preferred for light towers.

Many floodlights are equipped with a single ring that holds all the bulbs. This is mainly done to make removal easy when bulbs are being replaced. When they are on one ring, it is taken down at once, and all necessary replacements are made before the ring is put back up. The circular design also means that the light is emitted in a direction. Sometimes the light is only required in one direction, like in football stadium. In such cases, the bulbs are arranged on one side of a rectangular frame, and placed as needed.


2. The Mobile Light Tower

Light towers come in many sizes, designs, and can also be fixed or temporary. Fixed light towers are found in areas like playing fields or stadiums. Here, it is unlikely that the light tower will need to be moved from place to place while in use. Mobile towers are great for construction sites or mines because they can be moved around the area as needed. They are also used in production sets to light the theatre stage or a shooting scene. Since they need to be moved from place to place, they are usually short especially if they are used on a stage. Light towers on construction sites may have taller masts to cover large work areas, but they still have to come in a size that allows easy movement.

The average height of most mobile towers is 30 meters, which is increased or reduced depending on use. The higher the mast goes, the firmer the base it is placed on. Masts are usually fitted with rungs every few feet for easy climbing in case any repairs need to be done. For those that have no rungs, fixing is done by using a separate machine to hoist a person to the top of the light tower. This is especially so in the case of streetlights which almost never have rungs on them. For big light towers, gantries are fixed close by, to be used for any repairs. Maintenance can also be done by using a crane to the floodlight as needed.

Masts or light towers come in different shapes. One of the most common shapes is a telescopic light tower, which is shaped like a pyramid. It has a larger base that narrows upwards. This shape provides the mast with a very firm base, and is ideal to tall mast pole. Other pole can be cylindrical or even rectangular, but most of them narrow upwards for better balance, especially if they are wide. Smaller mobile light towers may, however, not need the extra support.


3. Power Generator

Light towers that are part of key infrastructures are most often powered by the main electricity grid in the area. The best example is that of streetlights, which need to come on every night or whenever there isn’t enough natural lighting. Such towers cannot use power generators for energy, because it is neither economical nor efficient. It would also take up too much space and make it hard to turn the floodlights on and off on a daily basis.

Power generators are primarily used for mobile masts. Connecting such a light tower to the main electricity source is not practical because the tower will be moved every now and then. The power generator passes electricity into the LED light which act as semi-conductors. They convert the energy into light which is then emitted to provide visibility.

The generators are driven by engines that use either petrol or diesel. This also means that fuel has to be in constant supply around the construction site or mine. Because of this, it is much easier to use direct electricity to power light towers. An alternative would be to find a way to harness power from the main generator and channel it to the light tower as needed.



LED light towers are great lighting options for large outdoor spaces. They also provide great focused beams for stage lighting, interiors with high ceilings, and so forth. They are long-lasting, and use up less energy compared to other lamps. Depending on the location and what the light is being used for, it will be powered by the main electricity supply or using a power generator. Light towers have different sizes, with the largest ones being used to illuminate big fields or stadiums for evening games.

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