What Is A Light Bulb Wiki?

The light bulb is powered by electricity. They can be used to illuminate a dark space, as well as show an electronic device on, direct traffic, and many other things. In the early and middle 19th century, crude incandescent lights weren’t used very much.

What is a bulb answer?

An electric bulb is a device that emits light when it receives electricity. There are two wires in the center of the bulb, one thin and one thick. A thin wire is called a filaments. Short circuit can be avoided by not touching the two terminals directly.

How does a lightbulb work?

An electric current is passed through a thin metal filament, heating it to make the bulb glow. The metal portion at the side of the sockets allows electricity to go down another wire and out of a bulb.

What are examples of bulbs?

There are other examples of true bulbs. The potato is a well-knowntuber. The eyes of the stems allow Tubers to be easily seen. The plants can be cut into pieces and re-grown if they have an eye.

What is a bulb in physics?

There is a light in the bulb. The bulb is used in a variety of ways.

Why is the light bulb so important?

The electric light bulb is the most important invention of all time. We were able to navigate and travel safely in the dark thanks to the light bulb. There would be no nightlife if the light bulb were not in use.

How is a bulb made?

A fine wire is wound around a metal bar called a mandrel to mold it into a coiled form. The wire is heated to make it softer and the structure more uniform.

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