What Is The Light Bulb On Match 3D?

What are the boosters for in match 3D?

You can open your level and star chests and earn chests as you progress through the levels. Boosters help you complete the more challenging levels, so you should have a few on hand.

What is the heart for in match 3D?

The game starts with five lives. You will die if you don’t complete a level. You will be back to 5 lives in 30 minutes if you use Match 3D.

Can you play match 3D without the timer?

There is a timer or no timer at all. The ads are easy to watch and enjoy. You have the option to change the background color.

How does the team chest work in match 3D?

Only players with a membership of a team are allowed to participate in the team chest event. The players who collect stars from the game will be counted for the team chest event. When a team chest reaches a certain number of stars, members are able to open it and take a reward.

What do coins do in match 3D?

Coins can be used in Mystery Match to purchase things in the game. There is no need to make a purchase to beat the levels in the game. You can purchase coins from the shop.

How do you play match Master 3D?

3D objects can be found and eliminated. You can put the 3D objects in the box. There are three objects that will be collected. You win when everything is collected.

How do you play Triple 3D tile?

3D tiles can be placed in the box by just tapping. Three tiles are going to be collected. You win if you collect all the tiles quickly.

How do you play match tile 3D?

Match tile 3D is a game in which you can connect three tiles into triples. If you keep doing that, you will be able to clear the tiles on the screen. Become a 3D puzzle master when you have fun.

What is Team chest coin master?

The NEW Team Chest is an event where you and your Team work together to try and win a grand prize which is a chest filled with magical rewards.

How do you leave a team in match 3D?

Under the Group Menu you can click on Team matches. If you’re on the team, look at each match in turn and see if you’re on it. The red X is next to your name. If you click on that, you will be able to quit the team.

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