What Would Happen If The Light Bulb Was Never Invented?

If light bulbs hadn’t been invented, there wouldn’t have been any incentive to use electricity. It is likely that we will be 50 years behind in electrical and electronics.

What would happen when light was not invented?

The candles that would run out fast were not included. We wouldn’t be able to see at night when we are inventing something because we wouldn’t be able to make it and most of the stuff we know would be gone if we didn’t have a light.

Why does light bulb invented?

The light bulb was designed to give off light. It was intended to produce a more consistent, longer- lasting light.

What would have happened if Thomas Alva Edison hadn’t invented the electric light?

The invention of the electric light was made by Thomas A. Edison. The world could still be a dark place if he wasn’t there. He started experimenting with electrical and mechanical things when he was young. He got his first job at a young age.

How did the lightbulb change the world?

The invention of the light bulb paved the way for the creation of large power grids, as well as changing the social and economic structure of society. The structure of society was altered by interior lighting.

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