Where Is Light Bulb In Raft?

There is a home-made doll in front of Mama Bear’s Cave that has the Lightbulb in it. The Fix Errol! achievement is complete when you return it to the doll.

How do I get to Ranger Station raft?

Balboa Island is where the Ranger Station is located. A note, a loot box, and a tool rack are included in the package.

Where is the machete in the raft?

A summary of what happened. Inside the Mama Bear’s Cave, you can find Machete. The Machete can be used as a powerful weapon, as well as cutting down vegetation and blocking the player’s path, once acquired.

Is the machete better than the spear in raft?

The Metal Spear is more resistant to damage than the Wooden Spear is. Even though the Machete is slower than the Metal Spear, it’s still possible to use it as an end game weapon.

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