Where Is Light Bulb Raft?

Where do you find the light bulb in raft?

There is a home-made doll in front of Mama Bear’s Cave that has the Lightbulb in it. The Fix Errol! achievement was completed when the doll was returned to the Ranger Station.

Does Mama Bear Respawn raft?

If the player is outside the spawn zone, the bears will be dead after 3 minutes.

What does the recorder do in raft?

The Vasagatan ship has an engine room that contains the recorder. When entering the lowest deck from the rear the player has never encountered a room. It’s picked up by the Crowbar. The recorder is used to listen to tapes found on the ship.

Where is Bruno’s hammer in raft?

Bruno’s Hammer is one of three things needed to break the tool rack in the Ranger Station. Relay Station 4 is located across the Draw Bridge and is on Balboa Island.

Where are all the berries in raft?

Balboa Island is home to the Wild Berries. Five must be placed near Mama Bear’s Cave in order to lure her away from the Island. There are two to four bushes where there are 23 berries.

Is the machete better than the spear raft?

The Metal Spear is less powerful than Machete because it does less damage. Once players have collected its blueprints, Machete is possible to be created. At Balboa Island, there is a cave called Mama Bear’s Cave that contains the blueprints of Machete. The following resources are required for Machete to be made.

How do you get bees in raft?

A summary of what happened. Once the player has made a Sweep Net, they can make a bee hive. The player may be able to get a steady source of honey once the Beehive is built. There is a crop plot with flowers.

What do llamas do in Raft?

There are three tamable animals. Raft has llamas that are not hostile. If the player gets too close, they will run away from the player until the player is far enough away that they won’t be startled anymore.

Can you capture bears Raft?

You don’t want to fight the Mama Bear in melee if you put 5 Wild Berries in the blue feeding bin. There is a good chance that you will win your first fight against a regular Bears.

Where is the Red Key in Raft?

The bathroom on the lowest deck of Vasagatan has the Red Key on it. The Bomb and Car Jack can be entered at the end of the corridor.

Where is the 4 digit code in Raft?

There is a four digit code in the room next to the helicopter. The safe contains the electrical wires that will be used in the bomb.

Where is the blue key in Raft?

A summary of what happened. There is a storage room next to the engine room where the Blue Key is located. The locker in which the key hangs is where it was obtained.

Does raft have an ending?

After exploring all the new locations, players will reach the last location of Utopia, where they will be able to defeat the Alpha hyena.

Is the raft infinite?

You can never get too far away because the locations linked to chapters re-spawn around you.

Can you revisit islands in raft?

Is the story islands going to come back to life? If your raft moves far away from them for the island to despawn, the game will give you a new one. The old version of the island is back on the new one.

How do you stop birds from rafting?

It’s important to shoot slightly above it on the first shot in order to make up for the arrow dropping. It is possible that moving to a high spot will make it easier to hit. As the Screecher is about to drop its boulder, hold Shift and run as fast as you can.

How do I get a bolt cutter raft?

The lowest deck has a room at the end of a corridor. The Bomb and Car Jack are assembled in the same room as this one. The first room on the left is where the cabinet is located after the engine room. There is a note and a blue key in this cabinet.

Where is the green key raft?

There is a summary of it. There are three keys used on Vasagatan. It is located on the same floor as the helicopter. The bedroom has a door that is unlocked with a key.

Where is Bruno’s wrench raft?

The tool rack found on Balboa Island inside the Ranger Station has a hidden note behind it. There is a station called Relay Station 6.

Is the machete a weapon raft?

One of the stronger melee weapons you can make is the machete in Raft, and it’s useful for clearing away obstacles. It takes a bit of cautious stealth to get it, and a battle against Raft’s tough bosses, if you want to go all out.

Where is the screwdriver in raft?

There is a summary of it. It is one of the most important tools in the game. You can use it to remove squeaking noise from your Raft. The research table contains the corresponding blueprints for the Screwdriver.

Can you plant berries raft?

There are bushes on Large Islands where red berries can be found. A single Large Island usually has two to five bushes. Plane Crash Island has two bushes that can be seen. Red berries can’t be planted or grown right now.

Can you craft a gun in raft?

The Basic Bow is the only ranged weapon that can be used by Raft players. The people who want to attack their enemies from a distance will need to piece together a makeshift launcher and make their own bullets.

What weapon does the most damage raft?

The Machete and Metal Arrows both do 15 damage and can be used to deal maximum damage.

Do Screechers Respawn raft?

Each visit to Caravan Island brings the White Screecher back to it’s original state. If the player leaves Caravan Island and sails an estimated 2000 units away, they can get multiple White Screecher Heads.

How do you make a flower seed raft?

It is possible that the Red Seeds will be collected as a side product. Red flowers can be grown on the Raft with the help of red seeds. 5 Minutes is all it takes for the seeds to grow into a flower. 50% of the time, you can get a Red Seed when you harvest Red flowers.

How do you use a raft shark bait?

Dropping the bait at the side of the raft is an easy way to kill a shark if there are many in the water. Wait for the shark to attack the bait and then hit it with a weapon of your choice.

How do you catch Llama in the raft?

When a llama is found, the player has to use a Net Launcher. The player can move it if it’s hit. After being placed on the Raft, the Llama will no longer be a threat to the player.

Can you get eggs from a birds nest in raft?

Is there an egg farm? The seagulls have stopped laying eggs since the Domesticated Update. If you want to get eggs, you need to tame and capture the Cluckers on the large islands.

How do I activate the raft relay station?

There is a power box for turning on the power to the station, as well as multiple satellite disks and a command station. All power boxes must be turned on by visiting all three Relay Stations.

How do you use a beehive in a Raft?

The player can get a steady source of honey from the Beehive. There is a crop plot with flowers. 8 minutes is how long it takes to get honeycomb. Drops of honey can be seen on the outside walls of the Beehive.

Do more Engines make you go faster in raft?

Adding six engines to a raft will allow you to sail any raft with more than 600 foundations.

How do you get titanium in the raft?

Treasure Hunting with a metal detector is one of the primary ways to get Titanium Ore. During treasure hunting, Titanium Ore can be found in all Briefcase and Safes. They are rarely seen as loot in the world.

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