Why Does Lightning Affect Electricity?

Surges in the electrical grid can be caused by the build up of charge before a strike. As free electrons move toward or away from the object that will be struck, they can exert a push/ pull force on their neighbors.

Why does lightning make the power go out?

Sometimes the wind can be so bad that it will blow power lines down, or an entire tree will fall across the lines and pull them down. Even if the trees have been cut back by local workers, lightning can cause trees to fall onto power lines.

Should you turn off electricity during lightning?

Anything that is plugged into an outlet in your home is at risk of being damaged by an electrical surge during a storm. Plug your computer, laptop, and other devices in if there is a storm.

How does lightning affect static electricity?

There is a build up of static electricity inside the storm cloud that causes lightning. There are water molecule called hydrometeors in the cloud. The hydrometeors create a static electric charge when they collide. That is a small lightning bolt that you created.

Why do electricity go off when it rains?

When there is a lot of rain or wind, most of the trees are broken and fall on the distribution lines. As a result conductors are short circuited and the grid has to be disconnected.

Why are power lines above ground?

According to the electric utilities, power lines are easier to repair and maintain than the ground. They won’t mention that it’s cheaper for them. The utilities don’t want to invest in underground power lines because they don’t want to kill people.

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