Why Won’T My Portable Generator Start?

The spark plug and cap should be removed if there is no spark. Pull the recoil starter to check the ignition coil if you want to check the spark plug wires. The spark plug needs to be replaced if sparks appear between the boot and engine.

What causes a generator not to start?

If you leave fuel in the generator for a long period of time, it will most likely cause a clogged carburetor. Some of the ingredients in the fuel can evaporate and leave behind a thicker substance. The engine can’t start if the fuel is sticky.

What is the common problem of generator?

When it comes to generators, batteries are the most common failures. All cables and connections leading to and from should be in good working order. Controls not being set to auto could be the cause of a generator failing to start.

Why did my generator suddenly stop working?

The level of oil in the ground. It’s possible that your generator will shut-off if the oil level is too low. Your generator may cause permanent damage to the engine if it starts. When oil levels are low, newer generator models have a sensor that shuts off the generator.

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